What is KDAT?

Build the kind of backyard that stands out above all the rest. Build your next project with KDAT.

Wood that is KDAT, or Kiln Dried After Treatment, provides many advantages. 下载澳门永利app官网® brand KDAT materials give you the installation characteristics of composite with the natural beauty and character of real wood. Dried to its original moisture content in a controlled environment, the wood dries evenly to minimize the natural tendency of freshly treated 下载澳门澳门永利appapp官网 to shrink, cup or warp. This high-quality 下载澳门澳门永利appapp官网 is the top choice for a stunning, unforgettable backyard.

​KDAT Installation Tips

How KDAT is different

Following pressure 澳门澳门永利appapp, KDAT products are placed in a large oven, or kiln, where excess moisture is removed and the wood is returned to its original moisture content. With a stiffer and more dimensionally stable product, you'll minimize after-installation issues that occur when regular pressure treated wood dries naturally. It also means your 下载澳门澳门永利appapp官网 needs to be kept elevated, covered and completely dry before installation. After installation, it needs to be stained, painted or sealed immediately which is great because now you don't have to wait to finish your project. By comparison, freshly treated wood may take weeks or months to dry naturally enough to be finished.

Why the pros use KDAT products

There's a reason why so many pros turn to 下载澳门永利app官网® brand KDAT: it's pre-dried, pre-shrunk, lighter, easier to cut, resistant to warping, and ready to stain. To top it all off, KDAT offers these benefits at a fraction of the price of composite.

  • Excess moisture is removed, allowing immediate painting, staining or sealing
  • Wood dries evenly to minimize the tendency of freshly treated 下载澳门澳门永利appapp官网 to shrink, cup and warp
  • Easier to handle, cut and install
  • Weighs less than freshly treated 下载澳门澳门永利appapp官网
  • Light, natural color for easy staining, painting or sealing
  • Pressure treated protection against rot, fungal decay and termite attack
  • Backed by a lifetime limited warranty


KDAT Grades

  • #1, #2, DSS and C&BTR

Product availability varies by region.



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