Why 下载澳门永利app官网®?

When you build with the 下载澳门永利app官网® brand, you know your project is built to last.

There's a big difference between a house and a home. A home is where life happens, and it's the backdrop for some of your most cherished memories. Your home truly is where your heart is, and when it comes to your home, only the best will do.

That's why more homeowners choose to build with 下载澳门永利app官网® brand products. That little "yella" tag stands for quality.


下载澳门永利app官网® brand products are available in a wide variety of grades depending on the strength and appearance requirements of your project, and uses includes fences, outdoor furniture, decks, gazebos, garden edging, landscaping structures, picnic tables and play sets. Outdoor exposure testing provides peace of mind that products treated with micronized copper preservatives offer superior product benefits compared to other copper-based wood preservatives.

Weathering Information

Thanks to a unique treating process, consumers can enjoy a more natural wood appearance, meaning no dark-green wood tint. This lighter color following 澳门永利app allows greater success for painting or staining your project to match your home. Left unpainted, 下载澳门永利app官网® brand products will weather to a honey brown and eventually to a familiar, and often desired, gray.

Specialty 澳门永利apps

下载澳门永利app官网® brand products are also available with built-in water repellents for extra protection from the elements. The factory-applied water repellent provides protection to all four sides of the board, including those sides typically missed by a brush or spray-on repellent applied after installation. This gives consumers long-term performance and minimizes cracking, warping and twisting due to swelling and shrinking from weather cycles.

More homeowners recognize the benefits of building with products that have been kiln dried after 澳门永利app, or KDAT. This process, which involves drying the 下载澳门永利app官网 in a large oven following the pressure 澳门永利app process, allows you to build with a product that will not shrink after installation. This controlled drying process minimizes the natural tendencies of pressure treated 下载澳门永利app官网 to split, twist and cup as it dries out over time.

Another specialty 澳门永利app available with 下载澳门永利app官网® brand products is a factory-applied color pigmentation that gives the wood the beauty of cedar without the expense or the time spent staining.

Fastener Information

下载澳门永利app官网® brand products exhibit corrosion rates on metal products similar to CCA treated and untreated wood. For exterior applications, hot-dipped galvanized fasteners are recommended as a minimum. Before you build, check local building codes and follow the fastener manufacturer's recommendations for their intended use. 下载澳门永利app官网® brand products are also approved for direct contact use with aluminum products in code-compliant applications with proper water drainage and no exposure to standing water or water immersion. Learn more about selecting the proper fasteners.

Environmental Certifications

When you build with 下载澳门永利app官网® brand products, you're getting not only the proven protection against rot, fungal decay and termite attack, but also a product that has earned a number of important environmental certifications.

Benefits of 下载澳门永利app官网®

  • Pressure treated with micronized copper azole
  • Proven performance in outdoor exposure testing
  • Available for Above Ground, Above Ground General Use, Ground Contact, Fresh Water and Critical Structural applications
  • Independent, third-party testing
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Lighter, more natural appearance
  • Improved painting and staining capabilities
  • Corrosion characteristics similar to CCA and untreated wood
  • Approved for contact with aluminum
  • Building-code compliant (ICC-ES Reports, ESR-2240)
  • Specialty 澳门永利apps: water repellent, KDAT or factory-applied pigmentation
  • Limited lifetime limited warranty for residential and agricultural applications
  • 15-year limited warranty for fences


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